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Marcia's Wishes


During the week before Marcia passed, she developed these wishes:


- I wish my family and friends to know that I love them. I wish my colleagues to know how gratifying they made my life.


- I wish to be forgiven for times I may have hurt my family, friends and others.


- I wish to have my family, friends and others know that I forgive them for when they may have hurt me.


- I wish everyone to know that I have lived in peace and that I start my new journey in peace.


- I wish to live on in happy memories, humor and inspiration, not grief and sorrow.


- I wish everyone to remember me as I was before I became ill.


- I wish for my family, friends and others to look at my passing as a time of personal growth.


- I wish for my family, friends and others to carry on with strength and a higher purpose and not to sweat the small stuff.



Thank you for helping me carry out my wishes.

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